2012-2013 Pre-Budget Consultation Meeting
Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Fredericton – Maritime Forestry Complex Theatre, 1350 Regent Street
Meeting schedule (across NB):

Water Quality in Peril

January 12, 2012

Dear Occupy:

When I first started working at CCNB, we launched a major campaign to strengthen the protection of water in New Brunswick.  And we were successful!  New Brunswick’s efforts to safeguard our precious water resources soon came to be seen as cutting edge by the rest of Canada.   In fact, after the Walkerton tragedy in Ontario, their government turned to New Brunswick’s Clean Water Act for ideas on protecting drinking water supplies.

I am sad to say that reputation is now going down the drain.

We have learned the legally-binding water quality standards that have been in the works for more than a decade to protect our rivers, lakes and streams are being abandoned by the provincial government.  This will make life easier for the developers of mines and shale gas fields, which use vast volumes of water and generate equally vast amounts of hazardous wastewater.

 The provincial government is turning back the clock on new environmental regulation – regulation designed to keep pristine areas from being degraded, and to require degraded areas to be cleaned up.

A spokesperson for the Minister of Environment said in a television interview that if the new approach to water quality regulation had been implemented, the conditions would be too severe for industry.

Imagine that.

Our Province appears willing to sacrifice the quality of our freshwater for industry.

Like us, you no doubt will be appalled by this news.  Help us draw a line in the sand against this madness by making a donation to CCNB Action.

As New Brunswickers, we do not want to see our lakes, rivers, and streams become sacrifice zones for industry.  Donate to CCNB Action today so we can campaign on behalf of our breathtakingly beautiful lakes, rivers and streams.

We will use your donation wisely.  That’s a promise.

Thanks so very much.
Yours very truly,

David Coon

Executive Director

P.S.  If you would rather to donate by mail, instead of on-line, you can send your gift to: CCNB, 180 St. John Street, Fredericton,NB E3B 4A9.





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