Occupy Saint John

We just finished our written interventions on Monday for the Dec 1 and Dec 2 Licensing hearings of Point Lepreau at the Delta. Our intervention is over 100 pages of very serious problems with Point Lepreau in which we have spent many hundreds of hours on. It contains our report and 4 expert reports from two seismologists, an expert on climate change and a nuclear physicist. Anyone who would like to see the intervention can request a copy from the CNSC website. Our submission is the CCNB Action SJ Fundy Chapter CMD 12-11.33 or you can contact me and I will send you a copy. Like I said they are PUBLIC hearings which means anyone can attend to watch. They are on Dec 1 and Dec 2 at the Delta. We will have notebooks for everyone who wants one with one of our stickers on it to take notes and show their support to the commission for changing the Refurbishment project to a decommissioning project. We are also planning a humorous power point for our oral presentation in which Pointless Lepreau the big white elephant in the room will make several appearances. I recommend everyone that can, come and participate in this very serious matter. Please help us OCCUPY the hearings.

We are also planning a public information sessions on Nov 30 in which Michel Duguay, Gordon Edwards and Myself will be explaining all the things wrong with Point Lepreau and the Nuclear industry specifically in regards to Canada. Michel Duguay and Gordon Edwards are both very smart knowledgeable men who are both university professors in Quebec. I will post more information on the time and place when we work out the details.

Oral Presentation Submission from CCNB Action, Saint John Fundy Chapter


Taken October 25, 2011; 22:30 at King Square Saint John NB


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