Anti-Shale Gas Protest


Anonymous: Thursday (Oct 13, 2011) Anti-Shale Gas Protests

Submitted: October 14, 2011 at 10:55

Shale-Gas-AlertsHere is some coverage of these ongoing Thursday protest, including a youtube video newsclip – worth watching and then come and join us! The full story is here The New Brunswick Beacon


Dear Shale Gas Opponents of New Brunswick,

On Wednesday August 10th, we held our first Sidewalk Protest, and people from as far as Saint John area attended.
Over the past weeks, the New Brunswick Government has heard from many groups and individuals, who spoke out and said “No” and “Stop to Shale Gas”.

So far, there is no sign that our government is listening to us. We are still being told there will be no moratorium. This is unacceptable and undemocratic. One of the few peaceful things we can do is resist by gathering together and making ourselves be seen, growing in number week by week, and talking to our neighbours.

We would like to make the SIDEWALK PROTEST a recurring event, so that the news do not quiet down:
We will be OUTSIDE in front of the Centennial Building every Thursday, starting August 18th, between 10am and 2 pm, so that people can see us with our signs! Please tell your neighbours and friends and come out to join the protest!

As of October 6, after 9 weeks of weekly recurring protests, we are changing the hours of the sidewalk protest to 11 am to 1 pm, due to the weather turning colder.

We all drink water, and nobody of us wants to have one of the “one or two wells, being planned to put in place over the next year” in their backyard or community!

Please circulate this message to as many people you can and bring along a friend!

See you next Thursday!


2 Responses to Anti-Shale Gas Protest

  1. I’m sure that if all Maritimers who protest really came together under one blanket organizational group “Ban Fracking in the Maritimes” progress could be made to ensure immediate legislation demanded against this practice … push for renewable energies (mandate this work because it seems to me the powers that be are completely dragging their heels and lack motivation to do what is right) … a lot of confusion and misinformation… obviously this is a really horrible practice which is dangerous, most especially to our water (that video of a news reporter was not helpful by the way)… we haven’t got a strong enough united voice … yet… the movement is fractured and a few voices are doing a lot of talking — need really good ideas on how to stop it… I’ve been following ‘Lock the Gate in Australia’ and there is much we can learn from them.. they are further down the rabbit hole at this point.. fighting hard for their land/water .. we really need to create “Ban Shale Gas Fracking” signage .. this say no campaign is ridiculous.. like the say no to drugs… its questionable language to be honest… think about it.

  2. The film from 2009 called “Split Estate” is educational and worthwhile on this topic as well as Josh Fox’s 2010 film “Gasland” .. here is a free online youtube link for “Split Estate” .. … its a human rights issue at this point, imo

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