1. Kerosene
  2. Propane (we have a tank that you can pick up and fill)
  3. Food
  4. Arctic sleeping bag (rated for at least -20 c)
  5. HP Netbook (at King Street Trading Post; please tell them that you are picking it up for Occupy Fredericton and that the manager said we could have it for $100)
  6. Portable battery pack (like this)
  7. Duct tape
  8. Hot water bottles
  9. Soap pads
  10. Cubbyhole-type shelf (with at least 8 holes)
  11. Photo album for newspaper clippings

( 1-5 = priority)


Warm socks, hat and mittens
Long underwear
Fleece or wool sweater and pants
Ski or snow pants and jacket
Sleeping bag or blankets
Snow boots
Large stainless camp cup
Dried fruit, nuts, granola, tea, Swiss Miss
Flashlight and batteries
Camp Heat, Sterno or emergency stove (to melt snow and heat water)
First Aid kit
Multi-tool or folding knife
Tool kit (screw drivers, needle-nose pliers, channel lock pliers, crescent wrench)
25-50 ft. of nylon cord
Windshield de-icer and scraper
Hand warmers
Ski goggles
Road maps
Cell phone
Batteries (AAA – C)
Your favorite book…

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