Occupy Fredericton Rally against Bill C-10 (the omnibus crime bill)

Saturday, November 5 · 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Location: Phoenix Square (beside City Hall)

The government has committed to passing their omnibus crime bill within 100 sitting days of Parliament, with no debate. This bill has drawn fire from all directions, as it contains amendments the efficacy of which is not supported by social science evidence and which have failed in other countries. There also amendments that seriously jeopardize our civil liberties, these changes having been likened to the American Patriot Act. These amendments are clearly ideological, not practical or rational.

On Saturday, November 5th, 2011, Occupy Fredericton will be holding a rally to protest the omnibus crime bill. If the numbers are sufficient to do so, we will Prisonermarch through the streets. Throughout, there will be drum circles and performances by local musical artists. Come to shout down this tremendously wrongheaded set of amendments … and stay for the show. Also, we will be holding general assembly that afternoon, so stop in and see how democracy works in this global movement (and participate, if you like).


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