You can’t trust big business, profits before people and environment. New Brunswick BEWARE!!

It’s all about the money exploitation of natural resources fossil fuels. Damn the consequences!

by Andre Faust

Exploitation of natural resources fossil fuels.

The long term loss?

We have reached the tipping point in oil production, where it its become economically feasible to use other methods/technologies to extract the oil resources buried beneath the
earth’s surface.  New Brunswick Canada has become the target for future natural gas harvesting using technologies which have not yet been proven to be environmentally safe.

The idea of Hydrofracking is being sold to New Brunswickers as the sole solution to New Brunswick economical trouble.  New Brunswickers are told that countless of jobs and spin offs will be created the quality of life in New Brunswick  will be improved because government will be receiving royalties from the producers and redistributing them among the people (Theoretically), the applied may be somewhat different.

What isn’t told is  the high paying jobs will not go to New Brunswickers but to those form out of province and or from out of country because as of yet, the typical New Brunswicker does not have the skill to perform this technical work, what New Brunswickers will get for employment are the less skilled and lower paying jobs for as long as the resources are exists.  Sounds very promising, and if one is unemployed it looks like salvation.

What isn’t told is the long term consequence, no reference has been made to the aftermath once the resources are gone, furthermore, little is talked about in relation to the other risks that are involved outside of the direct extraction, if you look at the British Petroleum disaster, evidence clearly shows that was caused by cost cutting measures that the company approved, we are still experience the negative consequences, in the end is it all worth the few dollars gained for the damage to our eco system.

Corey Ogilive in his film clip “BC’s Huge Gamble – short film – Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline” demonstrates the hazards that exists beyond the extraction  of the fossil fuels.

“Enbridge Inc, with their horrible spill record, wants to build a pipeline thru the heart of BC and run tankers up and down our rocky coasts. Whats most amazing, is what we get in return for this HUGE gamble,” –

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