Occupy Tuition List

To Occupy Fredericton NB

Hi all,

First, thank you all for coming to the talk on Tuesday, it was nice that so many people were able to take some time out of their schedules to think about this topic.  As I understood it, this contact list was circulated in order to put people in touch with one another so as to facilitate planning a people’s mic action.  To get this started, someone needs to play a bit of quarterback, e.g., telling us when the event is, where we will meet, and what we will do.

Most of you probably know how the people’s mic works, but for those of you who don’t, here is an example:

To pull this off, you do not need to have dozens of people.  Half a dozen would do, but the more the merrier!  It also doesn’t have to take long (some of the other people’s mic actions on youtube start with the mic saying ‘this will only take a minute’).  I think the point is to get your message across, but ultimately, I think you have to decide what form that would take.  I can also circulate some of the numbers I used in my talk, and would be happy to help you in any other way I can.

Very best,
Matthew Hayes

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One Response to Occupy Tuition List

  1. Chris Smissaert says:

    Jeepers I hope this is not what our peoples’s mic will look like. What constructive thing was accomplished there….not one that I can see. So Mathew…you want us to come to a meeting with city hall or other authorities and basically shout them down?? I’m sorry to have missed the tuesday meeting. I will try to make the next one . Chris

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