[community calendar] Occupy Speaker Series in Fredericton

Please find below the Occupy Speaker Series happening Tuesdays and Saturdays in
January and February.

The Tuesday talks will be held at 4:00pm at St. Thomas University’s James Dunn
Hall, Room 108. The Saturday talks will be held at 11:00am downtown at
Conserver House, 180 Saint John Street, just around the corner from the market.

Tuesday, January 17th: Matthew Hayes, STU Sociology on Occupy Tuition: What
Students Can Learn From the Occupy Movement.

Saturday, January 21st: Susan Machum, STU Sociology on The Politics of Food

Tuesday, January 24th: Jim Gilbert-Walsh, STU Philosophy on The Attack of the
Trolls: Occupy, Ideology and Social Media.

Saturday, January 28th: Julian Walker, STU Journalism on The Once and Future
New Brunswick Free Press.

Tuesday, January 31st: Brad Cross, STU History on How the City Shapes Your Life
[And How You Can Shape the City].

Saturday, February 4th: Karen Robert, STU History on Social Movements: Lessons
from Latin America.

Tuesday, February 7th: Tom Beckley, UNB Forestry on Current Directions in New
Brunswick Forest Policy.

Saturday, February 11th: Jean Sauvageau, STU Criminology on The Harper
Government and the Criminal Law Agenda.

Tuesday, February 14th: Tony Myatt, UNB Economics on The Provincial Budget.

Saturday, February 18th: Bill Parenteau, UNB History on Budworms,
Hydroelecticity and Hydrofracking: Public Engagement and Natural Resource
Management in New Brunswick.

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