Photos of the last three days of the Occupy Fredericton Shelter

One of the last operating Occupy shelters in Canada destroyed with three men inside

Exterior Prior to Chain Saw Demolition by the City of Fredericton
preocmp18 preocmp17 preocmp16
preocmp15 preocmp08 preocmp07
preocmp06 preocmp05 preocmp03
Interior of the Occupy Fredericton Shelter
preocmp14 preocmp13 preocmp12
preocmp11 preocmp10 preocmp09
preocmp04 preocmp02
Destruction of Shelter By City of Fredericton City Workers Jan 3, 2012 05:00 am
ocmp16 ocmp15 ocmp14
ocmp13 ocmp12 ocmp11
ocmp10 ocmp09 ocmp08
ocmp07 ocmp06 ocmp05
ocmp04 ocmp03 ocmp02
ocmp01 2 1
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