Fredericton Mayor Requests Occupy Fredericton to Voluntarily Dismantle Camp

Occupy Fredericton Camp

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside has requested Occupy Fredericton to voluntarily dismantle the Occupy camp located in front of city hall by January. According to Mayor Woodside his concern  is  about the ability of the Occupy Members to survive the extreme cold that January has to offer, the Mayor explains his rationality behind his decision “This cold weather is really bothering me, I do not want anything to happen to anybody”.

Following the Mayor’s request Occupy Fredericton called a three hour emergency General Assembly meeting to address the Mayor’s concerned on safety. It was the group consensus that further research and discussion is needed before acting on the options. What remained unclear, even after this lengthy meeting, is how the mayor expects us to proceed with our community development efforts before we can even publicize them.

Occupy Fredericton is one of the two remaining camps in Canada that have not been evicted or made to dismantle their facility; the other existing camp is Occupy Newfoundland in Harbourside Park in St. John’s  Newfoundland. Newfoundland traditionally has much more severe winters, though the occupiers there remain undeterred.

While Occupy camps across Canada have been systematically extinguished, the philosophy and ideology of the Occupy Movement is flourishing and evolving to the next phase of action – stopping the system from providing all to the rich, the wealthy and the powerful and little to all others. Locally, the Occupy groups have expanded beyond just economic issues, and begun working on building a sustainable way of life. “We’re doing this so that our children and their children will have a chance to survive when this dysfunctional system finally collapses,” said Arthur Taylor.

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