Sustainability – What do we need to survive?

Andre Faust

André Faust

By André Faust

There are many who only believes that there is only one economical system is in existence, or they understand that there are others but only accept the theoretical capitalist system of economics as the correct one to  follow, without understanding the strength  and weakness  of the other hypothetical economic models that exists in our current knowledge base.

What we are starting to see is a collapse of a system that has become antiquated and has not adjusted the the needs of contemporary Society. What we are not seeing is an evolving economy, rather, the economic system has flat lined and stagnated. Marx argued that “Over the course of history superior economic systems would replace inferior ones. Inferior systems were beset by internal contradictions and inefficiencies that make them impossible to survive over the long term.”   What Marx is saying is that if inferior systems are not replaced with new system, the system will fail.

The collapse that we are currently experiencing is precisely what Marx hypotheses predicted would happen if the economical system does not evolve.  To understand why the collapse one has to look at the properties  of Capitalism in the following context.

A capitalist economic system, production is carried out to maximize private profit, decisions regarding investment and the use of the means of production are determined by competing business owners in the marketplace; production takes place within the process of capital accumulation. The means of production are owned primarily by private enterprises and decisions regarding production and investment determined by private owners in capital markets. (Wikipedia 2011)

To  understand why the  Capitalism has to  fail is, by it’s very nature, which is built into capitalistic system is  a term that Sigmund Freud refers to as “Thanatos, the death instinct”, In terms  of capitalism the death instinct is the by product of economical system that is dependent on the  continuous growth  within a closed system, growth cannot exceed the boundaries of the closed system, the closed system is based on the available resources which are finite  which directly negates continuous growth, therefore is not sustainable in the long term.

As a species we have to look at alternative economies, that is not corrosive like the our  current system of profits, grown, exploitation, not resolving the economical issues of today will mean the end of a worlds as we know it for future  generations.

Zietgeist - Moving Forward

Zeitgeist - Moving Forward

The Zeitgeist  movement has been one of the main proponents of an alternative system that is referred to as resource based economy, According the Zeitgeist perspective, a Resourced  Based Economy would provide everyone with the  basic need of life to ensure a better quality of life, while strategically managing the global resources.

The Zeitgeists argue that the goal is to survive in a healthy prosperous way where the human species can without any suffering because of economics. To achieve this the society has to use a system based  scientific approach, which deals with empirical data to arrive to it’s conclusion.    It is of the opinion that healthy living can only come about through the logic that the scientific provides.

The Zeitgeist proposes that an global inventory of all resources and demands be made, once the inventory is assemble then the management of these resources can be implemented to assure abundance and not scarcity for everyone.  As humans we are consumers of life supporting essentials as well as non life supporting  products and  services.   The problem with the current system is that we have not tallied the natural resources, and without that information we have the potential of upsetting the dynamic equilibrium balance creating a situation where we use up more resources than nature can regenerate.

According to the system theory model everything in our world is connected in some way or another which means that the survival of the human body is dependent upon the resources that exists in our environment, what we have to be conscious of, is what is done to one part or the environment affects the whole system.   What has to be created is a global resource  management system which would include insuring that  Production would be designed to maintain our sustainability.  Sustainability could be achieved  by producing goods are are design to last, design to be recycled and designed so they can be updated which means that products have to be standardized and made to be universally  interchangeable, which would lesson the demands that are placed upon the earths resources.  Distributions  systems, where possible has to be localized to reduce the consumption of the resources that are required to get goods to the end user.

In summary The Zeitgeist proposes two types a management systems, one resource  management and the other a production management to  follow a systematic scientific structure methodology to ensure efficiency where people life supporting need an recreational and relaxing needs can be met.

Topic  is open for discussion.

Excerpt from the Zeitgeist movie “Moving forward”

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