Amalgamated Transit Union Still Locked Out, Talks are Expected to Resume

ATUofEarly indication that Acadien Coach lines are ready to go back to the table, and open discussions with the union. Just recently Sylvain Langis, President and CEO of Acadiens parent company Groupe Orléans, has announced that he will sell his 25% share to Keolis who will become the sole share holder of Groupe Orléans. It is not known at this time if the stepping down of Sylvain Langis is related to the lock out.

Acadien Coaches intent was to dissolve the old contract and enter into a new contract not offering much in cost of living allowances, and terminating the seniority system, which means that employees could be transferred anywhere in the province at the company’s will. According to one of the Lock outed employees, “This would create hardship for those who do not have cars, because they would have to hire cabs to take them to their place of work and it would mean that their day would start much earlier to compensate for the travel time from one district to the next.

Acadien coaches, to discredit their employees, locked them out during the Christmas season, in hopes that the general public would hold the locked employees responsible the cessation of the service during the Christmas season, rather then the company who locked them out.

Video Courtesy of Charles Leblanc

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