Occupy Camps In Canada

The original Adbuster poster

The Occupy movement based on proposal put forth by Canadian based Adbusters, formally known as the Adbusters Media Foundation, who’s  primary  mandate  is to challenge consumerism. Since  October 15th, countless of Occupy camps have been created around the world making a statement against the unequal distribution of wealth and resources. Other  international campaigns that Adbuster has initiated are; Buy Nothing Day, and TV Turnoff Week.

During the course of the last 2 months every major city in Canada has seen the creation of Occupy camps, from Victoria BC to Saint John’s NFLD each carrying a message “We are the ninety-nine percent” which implies that we are the 99% that is suffering from the economical inequalities, while the 1% is benefiting by creating the inequalities.

The latest count shows that Canada had a total of 19 Occupy Camps, and as of today only three remain fully active Fredericton, Saint John, and Saint John’s, NFLD, and one semi-active, Moncton. Six have voluntarily dismantled their camps, and  nine were forcibly evicted.

Base map courtesy of CBC

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