Occupy Nova Scotia Flash-Mob invades Wal-mart

A brief video clip of the People’s Mic at Walmart, Halifax, Nova Scotia, December 6th, 2011.

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2 Responses to Occupy Nova Scotia Flash-Mob invades Wal-mart

  1. How many local businesses had to shut down because of Wal-Mart, not to say the money that is going out of the country, what kind of jobs does Wal-Mart create, slave wage jobs?, It would appear that the Idiots are those who accept with out questioning, Old Wal-mart doesn’t have the greatest employee relationship, they seem to relay on employees that are desperate to live up to the work ethic.

  2. Peter says:

    How many small Canadian businesses have succeeded due strictly to obtaining the highly sought after distribution relationship with Walmart? Walmart is building thousands of relationships with CANADIANS. Walmart is allowing for Canadian business infrastructure to grow & advance into the future in so many places – in so many ways. You seem oblivious to this fact … and all other facts not in support of your unknowing, uneducated National view.

    How many Canadian towns -large & small- have prospered due to Walmart? The employment factor; the taxes paid to Canada; the boost in any local economy where Walmart maintains a presence.

    How can you possibly target the one chain of stores that offers everything to (righteously) needy consumers -those single Mom’s & Dads with dependents to feed and clothe- and who barely have the funds to support those families. These are the people who CAN make ends meet, thanks to the unique offering that is Walmart.

    Where is it you expect these millions of Canadians to shop instead during these trying times? ‘Buying local’ on a large consistent scale, is simply not possible for so many Canadians. After all, Mom & Pop shops are expensive by their very nature.

    I buy local. It’s expensive. I’m fortunate I suppose – that I can buy farmer fresh eggs and local bakery bread. Why are you yelling in the faces of those who are less fortunate? What is the inexpensive alternatives you wish for them to exercise? There is no alternative!!

    If you are going to take a militant, obtrusive and perceived threatening stance against ‘Walmart shoppers’ (of all people) … potentially scaring small children and the elderly and others during your ‘flash mobs’ …. then I truly think you all need your heads examined. If you so much as made my own kids cry during your adolescent acting out – you would surely be finding yourselves on the front page of the next day’s news- for other reasons. I’ve had enough of you – as have so many good and hard working Canadians.

    If you cannot find a better way to spread your lame assed messages, then I suggest you hire someone who can. try a PR student at a local University if you cannot afford proper marketing. Either that, or better, just go away.

    ‘Occupy’ is nothing more than a highly ineffective (wanna be) anarchist regime. Your 15 minutes are well up now.

    Don’t forget to grab an application at Walmart next time you drop in. Good-bye.

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