Hillbillies are educated, they know Shale Gas is Bad for You

MLA Kirk Mcdonald

MLA Kirk MacDonald during free vote, supports party line, rather than constituency.

In an interview with Fredericton Blogger, Charles Leblanc, MLA Kirk McDonald tells the  reason to why he voted to support Shale-Gas in New Brunswick.  The reason he gave is that “I am not going to support the Liberal motion” regardless of the what his constituency had asked. Earlier he was given a petition of 16,000+ signatures against Hydraulic Fracturing in New Brunswick.

Even though it was a free vote which allows a Minister to vote with their conscious rather than party line, MLA Kirk McDonald decided to vote party line.

Video Courtesy of Charles Leblanc

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4 Responses to Hillbillies are educated, they know Shale Gas is Bad for You

  1. Julian says:

    Kirk MacDonald is essentially saying “Screw you, constituents, I’m going to vote with my party, and I don’t care what you want.” Let’s just hope his constituents remember this come next election.

  2. Anonymous says:

    1600+ signatures, not 600!

  3. Mark D'Arcy says:

    That’s 16,000 signatures (SIXTEEN THOUSAND).

    Kirk MacDonald should walk and become an independent. To stay a conservative is to turn his back on his constituents.

    • Pascale Desrosier-Hickey says:

      I agree politicians should be OBLIGATED to express the will of the people they supposedly to represent… to not do so is to betray democracy at its basic level.

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