Help get Acadian Bus Lines workers back to work by showing your support!

This was the first union to openly support Occupy Fredericton. Students, help get these Acadian Bus Lines workers back to work by showing your support, drawing media attention, and forcing the corporation to give them a fair deal, so that they can drive you home for Christmas.

Bring whatever they might need. It’s pretty boring there; if you’re a musician, play for them! They need media attention; rally Brunswickan, Aquinian, and Gleaner writers!

Not only is it just proper respect and solidarity to give back to them, but it’s going to benefit us hugely when we schedule meetings with individual unions, asking for support for Occupy Fredericton.

If you can’t make it on Wednesday afternoon, please consider going up to the Acadian Bus Lines terminal on Woodside off of Hanwell (city transit stops there) every day that you can this week while they are on their picket line, and just bringing them coffee or something.

The workers walk the picket lines roughly 8a to 4p, Monday to Friday, and 9a to 2p on Saturday, if it lasts that long.

The 15 Hanwell city bus can take you there.

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