Acadian Bus lines looses more revenue as a function of locking out their employees

Locked out in Fredericton

Amalgamated Transit Union local 1229 approached Acadian bus lines child company of Groupe Orleans on two major points the re-assignment of drivers and pay increase to reflect increases in the cost of living, Acadia Bus line rejected the Unions grievance  which resulted in Local 1229 voting 98% in favor of strike action.

A new contract was offered to the union allowed for a once percent increase per year starting in July, which was slightly better then the zero percent  that the previous  contract  contained  when talks broke down, this counter contract was nothing short of an insult which the union voted 88% against.

In a knee jerk response without thought or the consequences of such actions, Acadian Bus lines locked out their employees without further talks.  The justification for the lock out was to prevent the union from stranding buses and passengers, even though the Union assured the bus line  that wouldn’t happen in the event of a strike.

Since the lock out opportunists have expanded their operation to capitalize the market share that would otherwise belong to Acadian Bus lines. A prolong lock out  could work against the the bus line if people become dependent on other business to provide the service that is not being met by Acadian Bus Lines  and regain that market share may be difficult for Acadian bus lines to recapture that market share. It would to the interests of Acadian bus line to go back to the table and offer a reasonable contract to it’s employees.

Support  for the locked out employees  is given by Occupy  Fredericton in having members on the picket line, supplying entertainment, and anything else that is within Occupy Fredericton ability to so.

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2 Responses to Acadian Bus lines looses more revenue as a function of locking out their employees

  1. kathryn newman says:

    please go back to work before christmas…. thanks alot of us look so forward to going home for christmas looking so forward to seeing my grandchildren

  2. Unfortunately it’s not in the hands of the Union. The Union does want to go to work but it’s Management that is dragging their feet. The Union did not go on strike, they were locked out. according to some of the members, the union had no intention of initiating a strike before Christmas. The shut down/lock out was made by Acadien bus lines.

    I know that Its difficult during this time of the year not to easily see ones love ones, hopefully management will end this lock out that they created before Christmas.

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