Occupy Kingston Faces Evection on Dec 6

On December 6th, Kingston City Council will put to vote whether to
evict Occupy Kingston or not. This motion is being tabled by Councilor
Kevin George.

We ask the Occupy Movement and allies to write and call Kevin George,
Mayor Mark Gerretson and Chief of Police Stephen J Tanner asking to re-
consider eviction and to respect Canadians’ Section 2 Fundamental
Freedoms of the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

On our site, http://www.occupykingston.ca, right at the top, we have a
contact form which you just fill in your email, put in your message,
and it send the email to all three listed below.

There is also a group from Occupy Ottawa and Occupy Montreal who are
coming to show support on December 6th.

Please share!

Love and Solidarity!

Councilor Kevin George: Phone 613-389-2003 Cell 613-888-4867
E-mail kgeo…@cityofkingston.ca

Mayor Mark Gerretson: Phone: 613-546-4291 ext. 1400 Fax:
E-mail: mgerret…@cityofkingston.ca

Police Chief Stephen J Tanner: Phone: 613-549-4660 Fax: 613-549-3111
E-mail: ch…@kpf.ca

Template Letter:

On December 6th city council will be voting on a motion to evict
Occupy Kingston. I am adamantly opposed to this motion and am very
concerned as to its ramifications.

It is essential that Occupy Kingston be allowed to stay. The continued
presence of the Occupy Kingston encampment in Confederation Park is
testament to the respect of Kingston City Council for the Charter of
Rights and Freedoms. Section 2 (subsection a-d) of the Charter
guarantees the freedoms of conscience, opinion, expression, assembly,
and association. These are fundamental freedoms. To “occupy” in a park
is not a privilege to be revoked when the powers that be decide the
protesters have “made their point.” Rather, it is an exercise of these
fundamental freedoms.

Occupy Kingston remains one of the few remaining encampments of the
global Occupy movement in Canada that has not been cleared by the
police. As well, according to a poll on Kingstonist, a large majority
of Kingstonians support the continued presence of Occupy Kingston in
Confederation Park. A probable cause for this is the good relation
between Occupy Kingston and the wider community. Occupy Kingston
initiated a “Good Neighbour Policy” which, as stated on the Occupy
Kingston website, include:

A zero tolerance for alcohol or drug use in the People’s Tent or the
People’s Park.

A zero tolerance for violence or verbal abuse towards anyone.

A zero tolerance for abuse of personal or public property.

Encouraging all participants to respect health, sanitation and safety,
and will direct all participants to respectfully utilize off-site
sanitary facilities.

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