CBC Sold to a U.S. Wrestling Promoter!: A satirical dramatization

Every day in the House of Commons, the level of outright disdain and animosity toward the CBC is on prominent display among Harper government Ministers and backbenchers.But balancing this fear is hope that a new and powerful campaign we are launching today will marshal public support and demonstrate to the government that the political price of attacking the CBC is just too high. Friends’ new campaign – STOP THE CBC SMACKDOWN– is built around a satirical dramatization of the worst-case scenario: that our CBC is sold. Please go to the new campaign site right now. It is urgent that you do. “Let’s be honest. Canadians are very unique... in that they’re just like Americans. Except for the Quebekians...who are more like Puerto Ricans.” When you visit the campaign, you will meet Lance Fury, the CBC’s new owner-operator. Lance is a former professional wrestling promoter from the U.S. who knows what Canadians want – and he’s going to give it to us!

Lance’s message to Canadians about his plans for the CBC comes in two short video messages posted on the campaign site.

After you view the videos, please sign the petition, and share the campaign with your friends and colleagues.

Almost every day in the House of Commons, Conservative MPs stand in their places and call for the de-funding or privatization of our national public broadcaster. Heritage Minister James Moore, who promised to increase or maintain CBC funding just a few months ago now speaks about the CBC in the same breath as the Canadian Wheat Board, which the government intends to kill.

Please join me in standing up for our public broadcaster. The future survival of the CBC could well depend on it.

Let's Stop the CBC Smackdown

Yours sincerely,

Ian Morrison
Ian Morrison
FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting

P.S. To stop Harper & Co. there are three things you can do right now:

  1. Watch the videos
  2. Sign the petition
  3. Share the campaign with your networks
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and is not affiliated with any broadcaster or political party.
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2 Responses to CBC Sold to a U.S. Wrestling Promoter!: A satirical dramatization

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  2. Anonymous says:

    CBC the money PIT company is no worth saviing. IT,S more of a national discrace. NOT one more cent should bepoured into this money pit.Thank GOD it,s days are numbered.

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