~Occupy evolves and expands in response to ruling~
~Urgent concern about care for most vulnerable in park~

MONDAY NOVEMBER 20, 2011 – TORONTO, Ontario — The Toronto business-owner and supporter of the Occupy Toronto movement says today’s decision by the judge to evict Occupy Toronto from a local park is understandable and advances the movement’s call to action.

“The judge must use existing laws to make judgments, so his decision is understandable,” says Peter  Bromley, the 55 year old business owner of Toronto-based Clearlight Evolution. “But the movement transcends the physical occupation. It is a world-wide consciousness raising of mind boggling proportions. It has occupied the minds and hearts of many others who demonstrate in many otherways,” he adds.

“By the way, another way could have been chosen to mediate and resolve concerns amicably,” says Mr. Bromley, who says he submitted a proposal to the Toronto Mayor, Chief of Police and various members on Toronto’s City Council that was based on Harvard Law School’s proven ‘win-win’ negotiation process. “Unfortunately, force and public relations were used.”

The evolution of Occupy Toronto

Mr. Bromley says the judge’s decision “only advances the evolution of the movement to its next stage.”

That next stage, Mr. Bromley offers, is already underway.

He cited a meeting last Friday night when 500 people gathered in Toronto’s business district to listen to and dialogue with leaders in politics, media, academia, business and law to consider what the implications of the Occupy movement has on each.

The movement’s use of social media to inspire dialogues about how to address serious, seemingly intractable challenges to the ways we live, work and play is entrenched – and exponentially expanding – he says.

As well, an international Summit is already being planned involving “Occupyers” from around the world in the near future.

Asked why he participates in a movement, Mr. Bromley offers, “this is a part of our civil society saying, ‘enough.’ The relationships we have co-created in the world do not support life on the planet, nor the planet itself as we are in various stages of economic, environmental and social chaos and collapse.”

“Instead,” Mr. Bromley adds, ” The movement asks a fundamental question: what new relationships can business, governments, institutions and global civil society co-create to ensure the well being and prosperity of all the people, on the entire planet, including the planet itself?”

Compassion and care required for certain residents

Mr. Bromley expressed urgent concern about care and compassion for certain residents. “Many people  learned that the Occupy community was in fact modeling a new way of caring for one another. An entire  community was built, underpinned by compassion, caring, empathy and peace, and they ‘walked the  talk.’” People from across Canada, all walks of life and conditions were drawn to St. James Park  because they heard it was safe, that they would be included, and not diminished, marginalized. They  remain there and must be assisted as generously.

For more information:
Peter Bromley
(647) 519-1234

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