This Man’s Opinion

By Kevin Richard Flinn

Imagine, just close your eyes and imagine…a world where the hungry get fed, crime rate at an all time world low, the sick get the medical attention they need, education is a fundamental that all have access too.

In this day of age, we have the means to have all that.  We have the intelligence to implement and get to that goal but one thing stands in our way, GREED.

It doesn’t matter the type of greed, greed of money, greed of power, greed of attention, greed of affection, popularity, fame, etc.  Greed is the root of all our problems.  Our politicians spend more money and resources battling each other to gain power over each other than they do solving the problems of society.  Corporations greed of both money and power do what they can to squeeze out local and small business and then they over leverage their companies to take over the big competition and if they gamble wrong make the common man pay for it by raising the cost of products and services, using tax money for big bail outs (that have been miss-used by giving their self a big bonus so they have an extra couple of million in case the company does collapse), or if they haven’t given millions to the right government then they close their doors and jobs are loss.

Do we really need a choose of a dozen different brand names of televisions, computers, phones, cars?  No, a good product, maybe in various sizing for different needs.  How many natural resources are being wasted in competition?

Shouldn’t all children have the opportunity to be education to their full potential and not stiffened because of a lack of money (another wasted resource).   Children should be able to play and enjoy sports without worry about costs, and allow for their healthy development of physical and social skills.

The first thing people think of is that it would cost billions of dollars to make all that happen but in reality it only takes the proper reform and changing our thinking process.

Sure competition has been a stepping stone to inventions but have we not reached a point of intelligence where curiosity and gratitude of job well done could be our drive to advance new inventions, cures for diseases, ability to travel through space and millions of other things?

Does the CEO of a bank or large corporation really hold anymore contribution to life than the doctor who treats them, the mechanics that enables them to drive, fly or boat, or the teachers that taught them all, or the farmers they provide the food to keep them alive?  NO…of course not.

When you look at the world from space, there are no borders separating countries from each other.  There are millions of empty homes and apartments vacant because there are not people that can afford them and at the same time millions of people living without homes.

As we watch the changing world continue to battle the economy crisis and look for solutions.  The solution is fairly simply though would take some work to put in place.

A good pay for a good hours work, regardless of they type of job or position, man or woman.  A world senate to over see that we balance natural resources and not wasting them without replenishment.  Jobs would be filled by reduced working hours and more people working.  More teachers, farmers, doctors would educate, tend to our illness and feed us healthier.

Crime rates would lower if people were happier, healthier and felt important to the contribution of the world, not to say all crime would disappear but would be lower for sure.

I could go on and on about specifics but really my goal was just to put the general idea out there, and I know there are much smarter and knowledgeable people than I that could even further the specifics.

The bottom line is, no government is working, capitalism, communism, dictatorship…it really is time for some new and something for all.    Of course big corporations, the rich, or governments in power will reject this concept and I will probably never see it implemented in my life time but I do have hope in the future, faith in mankind that one day we will all wake up and see what is really important.

The rich and powerful; they are the 1% and if the 99% can ever come together and agree that life and the quality of it is the most important thing, the 99% can prevail.

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