Occupy Fredericton Still in Business


Anonymous spreading the word

Throughout Canada and United States, cities are forcibly removing the Occupation camps from public land by either just removing them, or creating new by-laws  to justify the evictions which have  the effect  of circumventing the intention of the charter of rights specifically section 2, subsection c. 2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (c) freedom of peaceful assembly.  The issue that the Supreme court of Canada have to decide upon is whether or not exceptions can be made pending on the contextual definition of section 2 of the Charter.

Occupy Fredericton is one of the few remaining occupations in Canada.  Following a meeting with Mayor Woodside, Woodside requested that group leave voluntarily, however if the group decided not to would not forcibly evict them from the premise. Occupy Fredericton will down size their operation for the Christmas tree celebration, to up-size will be decided later.


It's all about programming

Meetings are being held to prepare and organize for the downsizing which is expect to be completed this weekend.

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  1. Hey Guys…evolve…Check out “Challenging Capitalism: a 12-step program” at behindthenumbers.ca. We need you to be part of the solution.

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