Mock Oil Derrick erected In Front of Legislature to greet members of the Labour Union

Raising The Mock Oil Derrick

Over 600 Demonstrators joined the Anti-Shale demonstration in front of the New Brunswick Legislator.  Union Locals from around the province joined in articulating the effects of the austerity measures taken by the province, which will affect all New Brunswickers current and future.

The issue at  hand is, the New Brunswick government is willing to comprise  the environment for the short term gain of employment  and the spin off by allowing a foreign corporation to harvest the shale oil. The contamination of the acquafirs and water table will be an issue that future generations will have to endure.

As a symbolic gesture a 60  foot mock oil derrick was erecting showing the provinces approval of  the destructive technique of shale gas extraction  as a source of revenue for the province against the background tipi which represents the native belief of working in harmony with nature.

The Demonstration showed the coming together of people from interest groups from all nationalities and background, coming as one in a singular voice “No to Shale Gas” and corporate greed.

“Todays snowstorm is not a storm, but representation of the  purification of the Water”

For additional photos Click here.

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