Drummers’s introduction to “No To Shale Gas” Occupation of the Legislature

Drummers usher in Occupy the legislature

Drummers from Saint Mary’s usher in anti-hydraulic Fracturing demonstrators. Approximately three hundered protesters representing, home owners,  unions, environmentalist gathered at the provincial legislature on November 19.

To occupation of the legislature will continue until Wednesday 23, Occupation Fredericton has been contribuiting food and blankets for those staying in the tipi for the duration.

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3 Responses to Drummers’s introduction to “No To Shale Gas” Occupation of the Legislature

  1. I thought you weren’t allowed to occupy the Legislature? When OF was still in the planning stage, the Legislature Building was suggested as a location, instead of City Hall, but because people aren’t allowed to camp out for an extended time/overnight (can’t remember which) at the Legislature, but ARE allowed to at City Hall, CH was the final decision.

    • Occupy Fredericton is still Occupying City Hall,and will continue do so, The issues, that the Anti-Shale demonstrators coincide with the Occupy Ideology, The rich will get richer compromising natural and human resources for their advancement while the world pays the price. There are on going discussions with the stake holders in this matter, and as of today there has been no formal objections to those occupying the grounds at the legislature.

  2. Doug Rigaux says:

    As a representative of the No Name Drummers, I would like to make a slight correction. The drums we are playing are from West Africa, and none of us are from St. Mary’s. We are proud and honoured to stand in solidarity with our First Nations brothers and sisters, but we do not propose nor intend to speak on their behalf, they do a way better job of it than we ever could. We all think fracking is a terrible idea and that’s why we lend our support and noise making ability to this cause. FYI we are a drum collective which meets Sundays in Wilmot park in the summer, and at various locations in the city during the winter. We put the “si” in Community.

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