Occupy The NB Legislature Against Hydraulic Fracturing

Ceremonial tipi erected

Members of the Saint Mary’s ban in recognition of negative environmental consequences of using in hydraulic fracturing technology to extract shale gas from the earth has joined along side with the anti-shale demonstrators.  Alma Brooks, elder of the Saint Mary’s Band describe the responsibility in maintaining harmony with mother earth from a traditional perspective and why native women are involved, “It is the responsibility of the women to look after the water, and it is the responsibility of the men to look after the land”.

Hydraulic fracturing is harmful to the water, and the rest of the bio mass that  is dependent on water for their existent.  The negative effects have been seen in the Penobsquis region where sixty homes lost their well water as a result of hydraulic fracturing.

According to Dr. David Suzuki in a letter delivered during the opening ceremonies, he gives a warning to the catastrophic consequences to the human experience if we continue to exploit the earths resources in a negligent way. “New species have been found in the earth, to the extent that new phyla have been created to place these new species, the discoveries are very recent and science is new where no one really knows that the adverse effect are going to be, and what role does these new life forms plays in the eco system. Dr. Suzuki adds that the total weight of the underground bio mass exceeds the total weight of the human bio mass, not to take these new descoveries into consideration, is nothing short of negligence.

We have moved into a world that for the sake of profits we are ready to sacrifice our existence for the short term economical gains.  As the Occupy movement has articulated the rich and the powerful will do anything to get the profits and power, even it it means to compromise the quality of life of our species. In essence the rich will get richer while the earth and the ninety-nine pays the price.

Derek Simon opening speech

In his opening comments master of ceremonies Derek Simon first addressed the demonstrators listing all the communities that were behind and supporting the anti-shale demonstration, the message is clear “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Shale Gas has to go!”. Derek introduced  the musicians and speakers all addressing the seriousness of “Fracking”.

During the opening, The males from the Saint Mary’s band erected the ceremonial tent while the women sang, chanted and rhythmically played their drums, after  the tent was erected the public was invited to stay and occupy the legislature until Wednesday the 23rd.

For additional photos Click here

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