Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Shale Gas Has to Go

Frac-14Turn  out for the last demonstration for 2011 was deemed a success.   The demonstration started out at the centennial building and later migrated to the legislature and concluded with a “Love Song” sang by two Native  ladies in  their native language.

The message is clear “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Shale Gas Has to Go” and “Take Action Now!!!”
against the process of  hydraulic fracturing.  “The process used to extract unconventional shale gas is less than 20 years old. It is the undisputed cause of ecological damage and long-term economic net debt, earthquakes, air and noise pollution, infrastructure degradation and the profligate use and irreversible poisoning of trillions of litres of fresh water. It leaves deleterious impacts on the lives and health of humans and other animals in its wake.”

What is being said is that the costs and the risks for the extraction is greater than the benefits gained.  Proponents of hydraulic fracturing argue the economical benefit that New Brunswick will receive, however this is somewhat misleading. Yes there will be highly skilled jobs that will be created, which will require to immigrate  workers for outside the province and country to fill these jobs, and their will be spin of industries, who for most part do pay as little as possible for their human resource in order to reap the large profits. When you look at the whole picture the Province as a whole will not benefit greatly, the typical New Brunswicker will not see any of the so call benefits if anything it is possible the the rate of inflation will increase.  What we won’t see from the “Benefits” is money for education, health and social welfare programs. All that will be accomplished is more profits for the one per cent and more disparity for the ninety-nine percent at the expense of environment.

Two rallies are scheduled one for the 19th of November and the other for the 23rd of November.

The events that are slated for today Saturday, November 19th will begin at 7:00 am with a Sunrise Ceremony at the Old
Burial Grounds at 51 Woodstock Road. At 10:00 am there will be a benefit concert at the Old
Burial Grounds for the people of Penobsquis. A march to the Provincial Legislature will begin
after the concert, starting at 11:00 am.


More photos –>

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