Teach in Series “The Case Against Imprisonment”

Josephine Savarese, STU Criminology

Josephine Savarese teaches at Saint Thomas University, she received her Master of Laws (LLM) at McGill.

Key note speaker Josephine opens the discussion asking those present to identify who said  the following;

“Prisons should be characterized by largely regimented time to be spent in activities sensibly designed to make the returning prisoner less likely to re-offend. This would include therapy, skills training, and re orientation, It should be authoritarian and not to incite non-return, but not so heavy handed that it over penalizes and breaks the will of inmates to resume life with the promising likely hood of success“. According to the person quoted, “Many of the prisons could be reconfigured as a assisted housing for the homeless and slum dwellers. Canada would again be a model of innovated public policy pursuing of institutional disassociation of social reform” . So you who would you guess said that.

She argues that our prison system will create more problems then they are trying to solve.
Below is the video session of her talk.
Part 01
Part 02
Part 03

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