Occupy Nova Scotia Eviction Evening’s GA Meeting Minutes.

Reprint from OccupyNS

GA Meeting Minutes
Nov 11, 2011
Russ – United Minister. Church is open for people to stay the night. Facilities are being rented out tomorrow morning. Need everyone out by around 8 am. Kitchen and wi-fi are available for use. Sermon on Sunday: not just wall street, every street.Tonight
• 16 people need place to stay
• United church is open for us to stay
• Salvation army is also available to stay at
• House available
• Media not allowed into GA.

Jail solidarity and dealing with the arrests
• Private property act s. 16(b) says political lawful assembly is allowed.
• Bylaw P600 – no structures erected in a park in Halifax without HRM permission. Usually results in small fine, and we don’t know why we had arrests.
• 1 person has been released. Charge: obstruction of justice. Court date either on the December 29th 9:30AM
• Duty Counsel: 420-8825; 420-6581. The first number is the day to day number. Write these numbers on your body so you will have access to them if you are in jail.
• Mike, as an American Citizen, needs 500$ insurance before he can get out of jail. Black Market donated $100.
• Confirmed arrests: CBC reported 14.
• We have reason to believe that they will be released by midnight.
• Mental health team, started up by Kayla.

Near Future
• Rally tomorrow: three weeks of planning into the solidarity march to return to Grand Parade. There are a group of musicians and poets that were planning to come to GP at 1 am. There is also a rally planned at 11 am.
• Use social media to ensure people know about the rally tomorrow.
• Today is day 28 – ga is occurring on schedule. Rally is going to occur tomorrow.
o Proposal: accepted: Rally at Victoria park at 10 am. March to GP leaving at 10:30. If cops are barricading GP, then we will meet at the Granville Street entrance of the legislature, province house. This is not going to made public. If Victoria park is blockaded then we can meet across the street by the public gardens.
• Uhaul: we have the uhaul if we want it until Tuesday afternoon. If we take it back early then we don’t have to pay for the entire time. $45 / day, including insurance + extra fees for miles and gas.
o Proposal:

Potential new camps

• Suggestions:
o Africville.
o Shannon park
o Cidadel
o Commons: Peter Kelly took that invitation back.
• How about federal land, provincial land or private property?
• Proposal to have at least 2 people in front of city hall or parliament rotating throughout the night. Did not have enough support.

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