Omnibus Crime Bill, nothing short of the Salem Witch Hunt

New Crimes created to increase Crime pool

Criminals Wanted apply here


Bill C-10, an omnibus bill titled the Safe Streets and Communities Act. Combining amendments from nine separate bills that had failed to pass in previous sessions of parliament, Bill C-10 would make fundamental changes to almost every component of Canada’s criminal justice system. It proposes:


  1. New criminal offences
  2. New and increased mandatory minimum sentences
  3. The selective elimination of conditional sentences
  4. Increased pretrial detention and new, harsher sentencing principles for young offenders
  5. Longer waiting times before individuals can apply for pardons
  6. Increased barriers for Canadians detained abroad who wish to serve the remainder of their sentence at home


The Bill also introduces some changes outside the criminal justice system:
Amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act would grant the Minister of Immigration broad discretion to deny work permits to any foreign national who is ‘at risk of abuse’
Amendments to various pieces of legislation to allow victims of terrorism to sue certain foreign entities and governments for damages.

For the complete story Click here

If your against the C-10 click this link: Stop the Omnibus Crime Bill

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  1. i’m against fiat money … … i’m the 0.0000001% who does not wish to be governed

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