STU Professor Dr. Robin Vose Presents Education and the Debt Crises: A Setup for Failure.

“An injury to one is an Injury to all” - Dr. Robin Vose

The series started with Dr. Vose stating an old labour principle “An injury to one is an Injury to all”, That injury is who the system is design to create failure while reaping the profits. Professor Vose identified three class situations.  Where there is a lack of concern when it comes to education, tuition and debt load. The first class is those students who come from a financially well of  families who pays for the student passage through university, for this group this group doesn’t see a problem “ I don’t have problem I graduated debt free so there is no problem “ The class is the group that haven’t attended school this group seems to be resentful and unsympathetic to the students who argue the high cost of tuition and the high debt load.  The attitude here is, : who cares I never got to school why should I have sympathy for you, it’s your problem, not my problem.” The Final class that Dr. Vose refers to is the group that is taking on more and more of  debt load to pay for tuition and for day to day living.

The consequences of this accrued debt load is that it you suffer from your debt  and you keep getting deeper in deeper in debt  to where you become silent, become isolated and sometimes experience feeling of shame, because  you are told that it is your fault that you have taken on the debts.

In reality it is not the fault of those who have been coerced to take on large debts loads, instead its part of  shell game that has been setup  by government and corporations  for you to fail while they reap the profits of that failure at your misery and expense.

How the one percent succeeds is by dividing us, and as long as we are divided we are weak, it allows the one percent to keep the scam going benefiting their interests.

The only way can initiate change is “through awareness solidarity and principle action that has been spoken about” Dr. Vose warns  that the future more and more of the middle class are going to sink into debt servitude where the rich get richer  and where only their children will be afford post graduate studies, possibly regular university education this deterioration of the middle class affordability to education will   guarantee  that the one percent will  retain a strangle hold for the most educated and the most powerful  influential jobs.

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