Occupy Oakland protests Shuts down major U.S. port in Response to Police Crack Down

First General Strike in 65 years

Occupy Oakland post card

General Strike Oakland Calf

In response to the brutal attack from the Oakland police on members occupy Oakland group, the Occupy movement called for a general strike to shut down one of the major port in US. It’s estimated that in the early evening approximately 4500 protesters occupied the the street crippling transportation in essence shutting down the port.

The demonstrators consisted of workers from many different occupation including municipal workers and teachers who either took vacation days or other paid days to participate in the general strike. The message is clear “Share the Billions with the Millions.”

According to internet sources, members from the occupy group did split up to protest Citibank by taping fake bills to their foreheads to protest creating money from nothing through the fractional reserve banking system. Windows at one of the banks was broken and some ATMs were vandalized however the one message from the occupy Oakland movement was attached to a partially shattered glass “We are better than this. … Sorry, the 99 per cent.” The implication is that anything outside of peaceful demonstrations is not supported by the occupy movement.

Call for general strike on October 31st 2011 Video
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