The mantra of English folklore’s Robin Hood: “Rob the Rich and Give to the Poor”

Steal From the Rich and Give to the Poor

Robin Hood Vs the Wanker Banker

In a twist of events the International Monetary Fund is supporting the Robin Hood Tax concept at the Up Coming G20 Summit, according the Vancouver Sun “The International Monetary Fund is recommending all G20 countries slap a tax on financial institutions” however this “ advice that puts the organization at odds with Canada, which has a rigid anti-tax position.”

Both ”Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Prime Minister Stephen Harper have repeatedly spoken out against any kind of tax or levy on banks.” There rational is that Canadian financial has been prudent and conservative and “Therefore should not be Penalized”. What the Finance Minister and the Prime Minster fails to say, is how important the role of the Bank of Canada is in offsetting negative economy. The Bank of Canada is own by the people of Canada, it’s Mandate is to print and control interests, at one time it also was responsible for issuing out loans, but in the mid-seventies relinquish that to the private banks like BMO and RBC so they could exploit the Fractional Reserve Banking System, Legalized Counterfeiting by manipulation of the balance Books.

Even though that the Robin Hood Tax is being recommended at the G20, The idea is not being well received by the financial elites. There is no financial orgasm over the Robin Hood Tax by those who stand to lose few pennies should the Robin Hood Tax be implemented.

“This tax on the financial sector has the power to raise hundreds of billions every year globally. It could give a vital boost to the NHS, our schools, and the fight against child poverty in the UK – as well as tackling poverty and climate change around the world.” (

Below is a comedy take on the Wanker Bankers and the Robin Hood tax as performed by
Richard Curtis and Bill Nighy

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