Robin Hood Tax Endorsed by Occupy Fredericton NB

Robin Hood Tax MarchOccupy Fredericton joins the Robin Hood tax march, while the number may appear to low locally they are representative of the population relative to larger centers, collectively worldwide the numbers are numbers are significant.

The Robin Hood tax calls upon members of the G20 Summit to institute a tax on Currency trading and other investment transactions. The G20 membership consists of elite financial stake holders and members of the central bank, their role is to maintain financial stability throughout the world.

Meetings of the G20 are held behind closed doors without any transparency to the rest of the world, outside of the elites, no one really knows what is discussed, the only thing that is seen are the results from those discussions and decisions, the wealthy are getting wealthier at the expense of human and natural resources while keeping control of the global economy for their gain.

Robin Hood

Tax the transactions - Control the Banks

Approximately 20 members of Occupy Fredericton joined the worldwide Robin Hood march on Saturday Oct 29th, the march started at City Hall, Fredericton and headed eastbound Queen street to the provincial legislature citing chants. “we are the ninety-nine percent”, “The people united will never be defeated”, “Show me what democracy looks like, this is what democracy looks like”.

The movement is asking Canadian Prime Minister Harper to support the Robin Hood tax at the G20 which is being held in France. The results of the G20 will provide feedback to the movement on how serious the Occupy Movement is being taken by the global elites, only time will tell.

More photos Click here

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