NB Media Co-op: Independent Media BY and FOR New Brunswickers

NB-Media-CoopIn province of New Brunswick the media is controlled by the Irving family, Paul Lynch in his book “You Can’t Printed that” quoted the late K.C. Irving “If you own the paper, no one can say anything bad about you”. The Irving media has live up to their fathers media philosophy.

History has shown that media that is dependent upon advertisement for their revenue will withdraw their advisement if the media covered stories that were outside of status quo stories. In the Mid Seventies a Fredericton produced weekly Called the Plain Dealer that was created as an alternative to other Newspapers of the era. The Plain Dealer published stories that exposed traditional stories as well as stories that criticized, government, business, and other stories that the old boy’s network would wanted kept silent to the public. The Plain Dealer’s Achilles heel was that it was dependent upon advertisement to sustain itself, even though it had a large circulation, advertisers stopped supporting the paper which resulted in the paper shutting down.

NB Media Co-op was incorporated in March 2011 which is committed to bring to the people of New Brunswick without the constraints of advertisement and the pressure to disseminate propaganda for the Corporate, Financial and Government ruling classes. NB Media is dependent upon it’s readers and direct involve from the public, in the many area’s that it takes to produce quality unbiased News.

NB Media Co-op is calling out to the public for assistance, as the term Co-op means a co-operative effort from the community. To learn more about how you can get involved you can download the printable Pdf document here. NB Media Co-op Call out

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