Coming to a city near you: Intolerance of the Occupation Movement

Things to Come?

While at this time this is not the case with Occupy Fredericton and town enforcement officials, however, elsewhere, cities around the world are calling upon their police force to break up the occupy movement groups. The current hot spots are Melbourne Australia, Oakland USA, Atlanta USA. In these communities Police have been deployed to remove the demonstrators my any means necessary, In Atlanta, police have used tear gas, violence and mass arrests.

In Canada, communities have not responded as aggressively, however, protesters in Calgary, Halifax, Edmonton have been told to move. As of yet no interventions has been initiated in Vancouver, however it has become an election issue. Incumbent Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said “he wants to avoid the chaos that occurred this week in Melbourne, Australia and Chicago, where there have been large-scale arrests and charges of police violence.” (The Vancouver Sun). His opponent mayoral candidate Suzanne Anton has ratcheted up her attacks on the mayor for his refusal to set a deadline for the end of the tent city.

According to the Vancouver Sun, protesters are expecting police forces to intervene at some point and are getting ready for such action.

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