Occupy Frederiction demonstration and March was a Success.


Occupy Fredericton was conducted in two stages the static demonstration where demonstrators gathered at City Hall and discussed the issues of the financial elite grabbing and exploiting the wealth for themselves an living little for another. The gathering at city hall also severed as a networking mechanism between various groups and individuals, food was supplied by food not bombs. The Demonstrators stayed at city hall until 18:00hr, when the second sage was initiated, and that was the March itself. The streets used was Queen, Westmorland, King street. and Regent street.

During the March the demonstrators stopped at the banks and chanted an left notes on the windows of the respective banks. As the demonstrators proceed up Queen street from regent they had to pass by the cardboard housing for the homeless, and annual event for kids to experience the life of the homeless. Occupy Fredericton spoke to the organizers to see if Occupy Fredericton could walk through the cardboard city, for what ever their reasons are the denied permission to Occupy Fredericton from entering their cardboard city and Occupy Fredericton respected their wish and did not enter the premise.

The march concluded at City Hall, where the police said to one of the key people facilitating the demonstration that the would render assistance in the next march that they will provide a police escort, so that the demonstrators can use the street. A prime example of power of cooperation.

The March concluded with the meeting of the general assembly do discuss the next plan of action. At it’s peak this demonstration brought out between 200 to 300 people.

Mush encouragement and support was giving by passing motorists.

To my knowledge there is going to be and overnight occupation at city hull,, when I left one tent was set up. Kudos to the demonstrators and the Facilitators of the Demonstration.

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