Demonstrators Camp out in Front of City Hall, Fredericton NB (Occupy Fredericton NB)

IMGP4303Last night members of the “Occupy Movement “camped out in front City Hall, the intention is to stay there until the renovation work on City Hall starts on Monday morning. Future plans include Camping out in Front of the New Brunswick legislature.

Occupy Fredericton is a part the global “Occupy Movement” . The demonstrations are against the economical inequalities that have be created by the Financial and Corporate elites who have used their influence in policy making at the governmental level, to have legislation created to support their monetary ambitions at the expense of the people.

Issues that are being protested against are large tax breaks for the large corporations and the wealthy, the bailouts, the exploitation of human and natural resources, the destruction of the environment for the purpose of profits. The general theme is protests against corporate greed, where this greed has allow one percent of the world’s population to control forty percent of the wealth.

photo: Courtesy of Charles Leblanc Charles Leblanc’s other Blog

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